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Landscaper Safety Vest

One of the hazards that Landscaping crews face every day is moving traffic in and around their work zones. Personnel without a safety vest are in danger of being struck by a vehicle while operating along roadways.

ANSI Reflective Vests and other high visibility apparel significantly improve the safety of Landscaping crews while working alongside traffic. Landscaping crews are identified as being in great danger when there is significant motor vehicle traffic near their work zone. This danger is precisely what the new Federal Highway Administration Rule 23 CFR Part 634 is all about. The rule requires the use of ANSI Reflective Safety Vests for all workers on or around Federal Aid Highways. Please see below for the rule.

Landscaping workers need to be especially vigilant and use the required reflective safety vests when on limited access roads where speeds are higher and driver reaction times are shorter.

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