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Shipping to APO / FPO Addresses

Over the years we've noticed a couple of details which tend to be a source of confusion when placing an order using a FPO/APO address, so we created this page to assist and hopefully prevent you from experiencing any difficulty at checkout.

The #1 question we get is: "what do I put for the city and state?" No problem. When you register an account, or come to the Shipping and billing page, please follow these steps when entering an APO or FPO address:

In the "City" field you'll enter whichever is applicable: APO (Army Post Office) or FPO (Fleet Post Office).

If you're stationed in Europe, Canada, Africa, or the Middle East please select AE from the "State" drop-down menu. If you're stationed in Asia or the Pacific please select AP from the "State" drop-down menu. If you're stationed in the Americas please select AA from the "State" drop-down menu.

Here's an example of how to fill out your APO / FPO shipping address:

First Name American

Last Name Patriot

Address PSC 123 Box 75

City APO

State AE

Zip Code 09562

Country United States

Phone Number 954 567 4455*

*Can't be reached by phone? That's ok (any phone number will suffice). It's most important that we have your correct email address in case we need to contact you.

Attn: when paying with a credit card, our merchant gateway requires that your
billing address must match the address info. your card-issuing bank has on file.

Of course, if you encounter any problem while placing your order, please feel free to contact us for assistance. We're always glad to help.